Stop Sabotaging Your Relationship: Reignite Passion by Adopting a New Way

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The Way You See Yourself

Shapes The Quality Of Your Relationship

Work with us

The Way You See Yourself

Shapes The Quality Of Your Relationship with Yourself, your Partner and Others.

What would your relationship be like if you showed up every day as an EXCEPTIONAL WOMAN?

If you're experiencing a tired, stressful, dull, passionless, overwhelmed, and uninspired relationship and you are ready to change it for a relationship full of understanding, support, connection, and passion . . . there is one way to follow.


And you do that by concentrating on three main areas . . .



Is all about how to decide you want to see yourself, how you choose to show up in your every day relationship and what you believe to be true.

Our method of exploring our beliefs and deciding on purpose is simple and precise and provides clarity on the real reasons behind the decisions we

are making.



Everything has to do with the way you're approaching every situation including your intimate relationship. It's all about self-expression and how you show-up.

Are you showing up with authenticity or are you allowing fear and doubt to stopping you from expressing what you truly want?



When it comes to communicating, there's a definite right and wrong way to approach your partner. With our "Relationship Reboot Protocol", we are able to create a deep understanding and trust between the couple which ultimately leads to more connection.

Penelope reminded me that I can succeed in business without being hard and masculine.

In the last ten years, I met quite a few coaches of personal development, and to tell you the truth they helped me change my mindset. But when I met Penelope I realized the difference between doing something and doing something I really love!!

Penelope LOVES what she does!!! She is unique in approaching the soul of your heart and mind....she's able to get very quickly to the heart of any problem and help you see where your thoughts are working against you. She is very special in doing this in a warm but not BS manner. Throughout the whole period of coaching, I always feel 100% supported and not even once judged. I feel free being totally myself with her, vulnerable, and that she's always on my side.

She's the ultimate "girl's girl " and the most important thing....she always reminds me that women can succeed in business and life without being hard and masculine. She made me bring out again my feminine side in every area of my life. I feel blessed that she's a part of my life. Thank you Penelope for every single minute!! You are a treasure!!

Thalia Mastranestasi

Interior Designer

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Relationship Week; 5 Days To Learn New Ways To Revive Passion

Stop sabotaging your relationship with wrong assumptions and quick conclusions. Revive passion by understanding the real reason behind the disconnection you're experiencing.

Who is this for?

• You're finding yourself matching negativity with negativity instead of de-escalating the tension already present.

• You have a strong desire to figure out how to stop the fighting . . . so you can finally move from blaming to creating a better channel of communication.

• You want to know how to feel desired, appreciated, and seen again.


• You must have a deep desire to improve your relationship and the way you see yourself in the relationship.

• You will get the most out of these five days if you show up coachable, committed and determined to understand what's truly has been going on.

Who is this NOT for?

If you are not willing to examinine and explore your current thinking around your relationship and the way you show up in it, this program would not be a good fit for you.


• 47 Euros once off

(Recordings included)

Results you can expect

• Shredding assumptions and wrong conclusions destroying your relationship.

• A new way of thinking things through.

• Five days of coaching, workshopping, and clarity on what is required to step into your Feminine Power.

Ready to take the next step?


Change Your Self-Image, End Frustration, And Elevate Your Relationships In Just 6 Weeks

You don't need fixing! Stop believing that something is wrong with you and instead decide to elevate yourself.

Who is this for?

• You have a hard time seeing yourself as remarkable, beautiful, powerful, and believing in your capabilities.

• You don't express what you want from life.

• You don't think highly of yourself because you think you're lacking something.

• You don't show up as the best version of yourself, having self-respect and self-love.

• You avoid looking in the mirror because you don't like your image.


To be part of this group coaching program, you must have the desire to change your self-image, the way you see, and how you talk to yourself. You'll get the most out of the group if you show up coachable, committed, and determined to change your results.

Who is this NOT for?

If you are one of those women that you are here to collect information and never put it into action, then this program is not for you.


• 1447 Euros once off. or

• 2 Instalments of 750 Euros - the first at the time of the enrolment and the second 30 days after.

Results you can expect

This isn't entry-level information. It's self-mastery. I set my clients up for a fast track to elevating themselves from ordinary to extraordinary JUST with the work they'll do in 6 weeks.

Ready to take the next step?


Stop Feeling Defeated In Your Relationship; The Feminine & Powerful Program

This powerful program is for career women who are worried about their relationships. Whether your relationship has been in trouble for years or the cracks are just starting to appear, this program will help you bring the passion back.

Who is this for?

• You are so tired of the state of the relationship that you feel drained and lost regarding what to do next.

• You feel like roommates rather than the passionate couple you once were.

• You feel guilty and constantly judge yourself because your sex life is nonexistent; your sex drive is low even though you enjoy sex.

• You're passionate about your work, but it leaves you exhausted, drained, and unable to connect with your partner at the end of the day.


To be part of this private one-to-one coaching program, you must be willing to work on your relationship.

You must be coachable, take full responsibility for how you show up, and be ready to come from a place of authenticity.

Who is this NOT for?

If you aren't willing to work on your relationship then this program isn't for you. Check out our other group programs for women who wish to change the way they perceive themselves.

Results you can expect

• Learn how to communicate so that both of you can finally understand each other.

• Feel seen, heard, appreciated, and desired for who you truly are and have your needs met.

• Bring joy and fun back into your life and your relationship, and create an incredible bond with mutual love, respect, and passion.

Ready to take the next step?

Her communication style puts you at ease.

Penelope has a positive aura surrounding her. Her communication style puts you at ease and allows you to open up to her teachings and methodology. Awakening my feminine site was something I'd never thought of before as an essential part of the health of my relationship.

Natalie X.

To be the best mom, my needs should become my priority!

The exercises were beneficial. The concepts of self-love and self-acceptance were something I needed a reminder of.

As a mother, I had the wrong impression that my family's needs should come first, whereas if I want to be the best mom and partner, my needs should be my priority. Thank you, Penelope.

Christina P.

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The foundation of a great relationship starts from loving ourselves!

The technique Penelope teaches helped me understand that when we are emotionally strong, everything is possible. The foundation of a great relationship starts from loving ourselves.

Irene K.