Today, I am proud to have managed to create a certain balance in my life which allows me to do the things I truly enjoy, while at the same time I am able to spending enough time with my beloved family.

As a mother of two young kids, I’m often asked

How do you find time to do it all?

From working crazy hours as an investment banker in London and then Cyprus, to raising a family of two, to writing a book on “Women, Motherhood & Independence”, to become one of the co-founders of the YinAlithea Cyprus Women’s Conference, giving speeches and creating online training programs, running Floral Image Cyprus; I am a living proof that everything is possible provided that you want it enough and that you are willing to keep trying and pushing until you succeed!

What you believe will become your self-fulfilling prophecy!
It’s up to you and only you to decide what you want from life and it’s up to you to create the life you desire.
No one else is going to help you, unless you help yourself first!

Whatever we want in life, personally and professionally, we must decide and take action. Each one of us has a unique set of gifts. Each one of us carries certain virtues and each one of us has a unique beauty. I believe that whether you are a mum, you have a successful career, or you want to start your own business . . . whatever you do, you need to understand how special you are.

I would love to help you.

Whether you are a new mum struggling to find time to relax, you are working and you find yourself exhausted, stressed and overwhelmed with everything that you have on your endless to-do list, you are in a relationship where there is love but no passion, I am here to help you understand and get clear on what you want and need in life. I am here to help you reach a new level where you will be able to breathe and enjoy life, I am here to help you create the life you desire.

My commitment is to share with you everything I have learned and still learning and keep it real and honest. I want to inspire you and empower you to step-up and live the life of your dreams. I want to encourage you to provoke yourself, because living your life in a box is not a real life. Opportunities are shown to those that dare to dream.

I wish this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. Stay in touch with me and share your stories by entering your name and email below so you can receive weekly motivation and valuable information from us.

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