• A guide to Financial Freedom, Beauty and Confidence

    After childbirth This book reveals how by following certain principles and techniques you can create the right balance where you are able to do the things that you have to do within the day without feeling drained and overwhelmed.

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  • Find the right balance between work and family life and create success based on your own terms.

    Have you ever wanted to find time to just sit down and relax without interruptions? Have you ever dreamed a different lifestyle that you are leading now but you are avoiding to even think about it out of fear of failure or fear of being judged? How did I do it and many women around the world who are living the life of their dreams without feeling overwhelmed, stressed and drained? How do they plan, execute, find time to relax, devote time, and most of all feel beautiful and happy inside out? Learn these techniques step-by-step and transform your life.

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  • Stop being just a dreamer, dare to take a step further and never leave fear to stop you going to the direction you want to go.

    Why do some women are leading a successful life, while others struggle to stay on top of the so many things they have to do within the day? It has to do with more with the way you manage your belief system, your values and your body and not so much with the way you manage your to-do list. Think about it. If you are struggling to believe that you are capable enough, good enough, charismatic enough, if you can’t master that little voice inside you, if you feel weak physically, then you will learn to settle for less than you deserve. Learn to change all that and your life changes forever. Through her speeches and workshops Penelope helps you find your own truth and guides you to take the right steps which are going to lead you to the path you want to take in life.

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  • Being a leader goes far beyond managing people. People who manage don’t go far; people who lead are having greater successes.

    Being a good leader in business and in life is a skill that can be mastered and it is vital not just for our own success but for the success of our family too. Through her coaching Penelope helps women to become great leaders in every area of their lives and create the life they deserve and desire.

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  • Hi,
    I am Penelope.

    Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Wife & Mother. It is my belief that every woman is special and unique and I am here to help you find and celebrate that beauty within you!

    Born and raised in Cyprus a small country in Europe, I grew up believing that I can achieve anything provided I wanted it enough!

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  • I met Penelope at the start of 2017 at the YinAlithea Cyprus Women's Conference - this was the first time I was going to hear Penelope speak (and definitely it would not be the last) and I was somewhat excited about what she had to say. Over the years I have seen a lot of speakers speak, but there is something very unique about Penelope when she speaks. For me it is her passion, her real story, she lights up the room with her smile and warmness, the fact she is real and honest with what she has to share with her audience and always open for discussion and feedback. Penelope is an inspiration to so many women including me, for us all to realize that it does not always have to be perfect 100% of the time and we need to learn to let some things go. Penelope you are a joy to be around.

    Xenia Tyrimou - Director/Founder - XT Essentials Ltd

  • Penelope is one of those speakers which lights up a little spark in your head to awake that better of oneself which we sometimes forget. This strong woman is a role model for not giving in and you can always rely on her when you want to get inspired on how to empower yourself.

    Veronika Christodoulides – Coordinator at Birth Forward, Cyprus

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  • Developing Authentic Happiness in Leaders

    You can tell when an audience is engaged – notes are taken, questions come often, and laughter is woven into the learning experience. Modern audiences have high expectations and tough standards, and Motivational Speaker delivers.